Getting started with DNS

About the service
Interface modes: non-advanced and advanced

About the service

The DNS service is used to create, update and delete DNS records of your domain. To manage your domain configuration, you should: 

  1. Create a domain zone in your personal account.
  2. Create and configure DNS records.
  3. Specify Gcore nameservers (, in the domain settings on the registrant's website.

Interface modes: non-advanced and advanced

The DNS service interface has two modes: non-advanced and advanced. You can find a toggle on the page of any DNS zone.


  Non-advanced mode Advanced mode

Add multiple values
to one record at a time

✖️ ✔️

Configure balancing
by coordinates
(Geo Proximity)

✖️ ✔️

Configure balancing by ASN,
country, or continent
(Geo DNS)

✖️ ✔️
Configure integration
with our CDN

You can't integrate
records with the CDN,
but you can edit records
integrated before.
For example, if you have
integrated the record when
creating a CDN resource with entire site acceleration



Create DNS record (non-advanced mode)
Create DNS records (advanced mode with balancing configuration)

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