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Import and export records

Use import and export to gain more control over DNS records and make domain migration easier.

1. Navigate to the All zones tab and select the domain zone into which you want to import the records.

All zones

2. Click Export records or Import records, depending on your task, and follow the appropriate instructions below.

Import or export records


After clicking Export records, the BIND zone file will be downloaded to your PC as a text file with the .zone extension, e.g., sample-test.com.zone.

The downloaded file will contain information about the zone, including the domain name, TTL, RRset, time intervals (refresh, update, and expiry), and the authoritative NS server. For example:

$ORIGIN test.dnsexample.com.
$TTL 300
@ IN SOA ns1.gcorelabs.net. support.gcore.com. (
  1690969313 ; serial number
  5400 ; refresh
  3600 ; update retry
  1209600 ; expiry
  300 ; minimum
$TTL 3600
@ IN NS ns1.gcorelabs.net.
@ IN NS ns2.gcdn.services.
$TTL 600
@ IN A
@ IN A
* IN CNAME sample.domains.com.
* IN CNAME sample-2.domains.com.


After clicking Import records, a new pop-up will appear. Specify the content of the BIND zone file for your domain or click Upload zone file to import records from the file with the .zone extension. Then, click Import.

Import records

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