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Account deletion

Deletion overview

You can request account deletion at any time. You have a ten-day period during which you have the option to cancel the deletion request.

After the ten days elapse, your account, data, and services will be permanently and unrecoverably deleted, and you will receive a notification confirming the deletion of your account.

If your account has a debt, it won’t be deleted until the debt is paid off.

How to delete your account

Go to the Delete account page and click Delete my account.

How to delete your account

In the pop-up that appears, please complete the short survey and click Confirm.


Note: Once you’ve submitted a deletion request, all of your services will be suspended and will stop functioning. If you don't cancel the deletion request, your account will be automatically deleted after ten days. Any services you've created will also be permanently removed and cannot be recovered.

When can an account NOT be deleted?

If your account has a debt (negative balance) and you send a deletion request, it will be declined. You will receive an email notification explaining the reason. In such an instance, settle the debt and then submit a new deletion request.

To check whether your account has a debt or not, open the Billing section and check the top right corner of the page.


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