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Create an AI Cluster

1. Open the "AI Infrastructure" tab and click Create Cluster.

Create an AI Cluster

You'll be taken to the page for AI cluster creation. Do Steps 2, 3 and 4 in it. The screenshot below highlights the fields that you need to interact with at these steps.

Create an AI Cluster

2. Select the region — this is a city of the data center. For example, if you choose Amsterdam-2, your cluster will be deployed on servers located in Amsterdam.

There are two available regions:

  • Amsterdam-2 with new Graphcore Bow-2000 servers,
  • Luxembourg-2 with standard Graphcore M2000 servers.

3. Select the size of your cluster.

The number in vPOD means the number of IPU-processors in your cluster. One Graphcore server consists of four IPU-processors.

The cluster size cannot be changed after creation.

4. Select the OS image for the Poplar server.

Please note: Ubuntu 18.04 is available only for Amsterdam-2.

Do Steps 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. The screenshot below highlights the fields that you need to interact with at these steps.

Create an AI Cluster

5. Click the expand arrow to set up a network interface.

6. Select a public or private network interface.

If you are planning to use the GPU Cloud with servers hosted outside of Gcore Cloud, attach a public network interface. So, your cluster will be accessible from external networks.

If you want to use the service with Gcore servers only, assign a private network. Your cluster will be available only for internal networks. Select one of the existing networks or create a new one to attach it to your Poplar server.

7. If you want to assign a reserved IP address to your Poplar server, turn on the Use reserved IP toggle and select one. For more details, see the article Create and configure a reserved IP address

8. Turn on the Use floating IP toggle if you want to use a floating IP address. It’ll make your Poplar server accessible from outside networks even if they have only a private interface. Create a new IP address or choose an existing one. For more details, see the article Create and configure a floating IP address.

9. If you need several network interfaces, click Add Interface and go back to Step 6. If you don’t, skip this step.10. Select one of your SSH keys from the list, or add a new one, or generate it. You'll use this SSH key to connect to your cluster.

11. Name your cluster and click Create Cluster.

Create Cluster

Congrats! The cluster is created! Use the IP address of your AI Cluster and the SSH key from Step 10 and connect to your Poplar server.

User login: ubuntu

Connection port: 22

cluster is created

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