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Integration settings

You can specify additional email addresses that you wish to receive scheduled PDF reports and immediate notifications. By default, messages are sent to your primary email.

You can choose to receive PDF reports daily, weekly, or monthly; they provide comprehensive details about vulnerabilities, attacks, and incidents detected in your system during the chosen period. Notifications offer a quick summary of triggered events.

Set up integration

1. Open the Settings section and navigate to the Integration tab.

2. Click Add integration.

Create WAF Integration

A pop-up window will open. Perform the remaining steps there.

3. Enter an integration name. It will be displayed in the Customer Portal.

4. Enter email addresses using a comma as a separator.

5. Choose the frequency of sending security reports.

Note: If a frequency is not selected, then reports will not be sent.

6. Choose event types to trigger notifications.

7. Click Create.

Integration WAF settings

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