Enable large files delivery optimization

With this option, large files are delivered faster due to multi-threaded uploading to the CDN cache. Files are split into 10 MB parts each and cached into simultaneous requests. An end-user gets the assembled file.

Please note, that the origin-source should support HTTP Range requests.

For example, if users request different parts of the same file at the same time, the nearest CDN server will load different parts of the file from origin into the cache using many flows and collect them together in the cache.
If the request was "Range: bytes=123537047-123545047", then the CDN will pull in the bytes range 115343360-125829119 from the source and cache this chunk. At the same time, the user will be given the range 123537047-123545047 requested by them.


Option features:

  • The option will be applied to all of your CDN files, so the load on your origin will definitely grow. 
  • For the correct option to work,  you should clear the resource cache after each file update on the origin.

  • If the Origins group option is used for a resource, files located on each origin should contain the same Content-Length and Etag headers.

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