Push streaming via Open Broadcaster Software

Download Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) from the official site and install it. 

1. Launch Open Broadcaster Software. In the upper menu click File→ Settings → Broadcast.

2. In the settings, go to the "Broadcast" section.

Enter the RTMP URL you received, for example: rtmp:// vp-push.gcdn.co/in/. In the "stream Key" field, enter the key that you received from technical support or in your account (Media platform tab → Live streams → Edit live stream → Push url) , for example: 000?9cb3fdee0836564bd0046dasdb0e4de3sda32af712411313dsadw# 

3. Click Accept.

4. Set the stream parameters in Output, Audio, and Video sections. 

Here are the recommended parameters:

Video codec: H.264
Input Size: 1280x720
Frame Rate: 30 fps
Bit Rate: 2000 Kbps
Audio: 128k stereo
Profile: main 4.1
Keyframe: 2

You can change them if you need to.

We recommend setting bitrates to 4000 in Output section for the videos with 1920х1080 resolution, to 8000 for the videos with 1920х1080 resolution in 60 FPS. 

We can transcode 1080p stream into 3 streams: 720p, 480p, 240p. This is an additional paid feature.

5. Click OK after you finish the settings.

6. In the main menu choose the image source and click Run stream. It might be your desktop, some pictures, games, web-camera or all of that. 

After this, your stream should be available via CDN link, e.x.:

  • hls – http://domain/streamtv/index.m3u8

You can distribute this link to your client. They can watch it via the applications that support streaming like VLC player.

If you need iframes player code to build it into your site, email us at support@gcore.lu

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