Create a domain name for content delivery through a CDN


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1. A personal domain with the custom value

2. A personal domain with the zone (PRO 10 TB CDN tariff)

3. Additional personal domains


Custom value

While creating a CDN-resource choose a Custom value parameter in the Custom Domain section and specify a domain name for the content delivery through CDN.

Note! The domain must differ from your origin source.


CNAME record configuration in DNS settings

For the delivery to work:

1. Go to a domain registrar's site.

2. Open resource records settings and add a CNAME record.

3. In the section Setup Instructions of the resource settings in the personal account find the value specified for a CNAME record. This value is individual and given for all your resources. 



4. Write this value in the DNS settings of the domain.

CNAME record can be specified in the following way: in

Use dig command in the terminal or online services to check the record.

If the record was added correctly, you will get a response like this: 14399 IN CNAME

Personal domain in the zone (For PRO 10 TB CDN tariff)

If you do not have access to the DNS records or prefer to work with our shared SSL certificate, you can create a personal domain in our — — zone.


By default, the feature is disabled. Reach us via chat or email to to enable it. 

Note! The Custom Domain type can't be changed after a CDN Resource creation.

Additional personal domains

You can add another domain by clicking on the plus icon right to the field. You will be able to change or delete additional domains.


Note! If an additional personal domain is bound to the personal domain with the custom value, add the CNAME record for this domain in the DNS setting.  Use the following instruction

Once your custom domains are set up, proceed with the website integration.

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