Origins Groups: add content origin source

Add one or more origin sources for the CDN to pull content from. Specify an IP or a domain name as an Origin Source. Click Use Custom Port if your origin delivers content from non-standard ports (standard ports are 80 and 443). Using several origins helps to improve failover and organize load balancing. In this case, the Round Robin algorithm is applied for balancing.

To add an origin click on the Add Origins Group button while creating or configuring your CDN Resource.


Origins Group Name

Fill in the desired name for a new origins group.


Origin Source

In the Origin Source enter the URL or IP address (in case your content is accessible via IP). Press Add Origin if you need to add more origins. Fill in the fields similarly. Save the group by pressing the Add Group button.


Origin disabling

Slide On button to disable the origin. CDN's requests to the origin stop in 5 minutes after origin disabling. 

Note, the last active origin source cannot be disabled.

Note, if you disable origin in one origin group it would still be active in other groups. 


Advanced Options

The following advanced options are available for the origins group.

Use next upstream

Use it when you have several origin sources with the same content on each of them to ensure failover of the service. If your origin becomes unavailable, CDN servers automatically redirect all the requests to the next available origin listed in the Origins Group. If none of your origins are available, a CDN will respond with the code from the last origin in the list.

Please note, that the 400 code is an exception, and in that case, CDN will not redirect requests to another origin. 


Use origin as a backup

The option excludes one of your origins from the Round Robin balancing. The CDN will request content from this origin only if one of the active origins becomes unavailable. 


Origin group and Host header

When you change Origin group in the CDN Resource settings the Host header value does not get changed.

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