CDN Integration (old user interface)

The article will help those who activated "Streaming" before January 31, 2022. If you have activated the service later, you interact with a different user interface and may refer to the following instruction: Configure a CDN domain for live streaming and VoD.

The Streaming works only in conjunction with the CDN service. CDN servers request a stream from our media server and deliver it to end users. This way you are not only getting access to the Streaming features but also speeding up the delivery/minimizing latency.

To start using Streaming you have to first integrate it with a CDN Resource. There are two options:

- you already have a CDN Resource,

- you have no CDN Resources.


Here you can find video instructions.


Integrating existing CDN Resource

On the Streaming tab go to the CDN Resources section and navigate to Settings -> List of CDN Resources. Click on the Prepare button across a CDN Resource you want to integrate with the Streaming: it adds some Streaming specific settings to the resource.

After preparation, the resource will get a new origin and rules to process Streaming — specific content. If you've been using the resource to serve some different content previously, keep in mind that that content will become unavailable. 




Creating and integrating a new CDN Resource

1. Go to the Streaming tab.

2. Open the Settings section.

3. Click Create CDN resource.


4. Set a personal domain for your CDN resource.


Learn more about the differences between a personal domain with custom value and a personal domain in a zone and about the personal domain settings.

5. Click Create.

6. The resource will be displayed in the list of all CDN resources on the CDN tab.


Attention! The resources integrated with the Streaming have a Media Platform group of sources.

This means that certain hidden rules are applied to resources.

Please, do not change the settings of such resources, it can affect their correct work!

In case, if you still want to change something in the resource settings, please consult this with technical support.


7. The resource is also displayed in the List of CDN Resources section on the Streaming tab.


8. Click Prepare next to the newly created CDN-resource.



Default CDN Resources

Use LIVE CDN by default drop-down list to choose a default CDN Resource for your live streams delivery. You can override the setting for a specific live stream in its settings in the Live streams section.

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