Secure Token: protect live streams and VOD with temporary links

To protect your content from unwanted downloads use the Secure Token option in the CDN Resource settings.

How it works

We receive a stream with no token protection, transcode it, and then deliver via our CDN network. Token gets added to VOD or stream URL after transcoding. Links with token looks like these: (live stream) (VOD)

Control Panel Settings

Go to the CDN Resources section, choose the Resource and click on the Settings button. Navigate to Advanced Settings -> Access (Security) -> Secure Token.

Activate the option, type in a signature key and click on the Save button. The signature key should contain 6-32 characters.


Three parameters are used for token generation:

  • Expiration time,
  • Path to the file,
  • Key.

Leave the Add a client's IP to the token box unchecked.

Token Generation

Use the following php-script to generate URLs with token if needed.

PHP-script for live streams

$secret = 'W39Hd509SeReT41p'; 
$vhost = ''; 
$client_id = '10'; 
$stream_id = '14'; 
$expires = time() + 10000; 
$link = "{$client_id}_{$stream_id}_${secret}_${expires}_"; 
$md5 = md5($linktrue); 
$md5 = base64_encode($md5); 
$md5 = strtr($md5, '+/', '-_'); 
$md5 = str_replace('=', '', $md5); 
$url = "https://{$vhost}/streams/{$client_id}_${stream_id}/${md5}/${expires}/playlist.m3u8"; 
echo $url; 
echo "\n"; 

PHP-script for VOD

$secret = 'W39Hd509SeReT41p';
$vhost = '';
$client_id = '44';
$video_id = 'aJ0o71wfUwJvFcu';
$expires = time() + 10000;
$link = "{$client_id}_{$video_id}_${secret}_${expires}_";
$md5 = md5($link, true);
$md5 = base64_encode($md5);
$md5 = strtr($md5, '+/', '-_');
$md5 = str_replace('=', '', $md5);
$url = "https://{$vhost}/videos/{$client_id}_${video_id}/${md5}/${expires}/master.m3u8";
echo $url;
echo "\n";


  • $secret — a signature key,
  • $vhost — CDN Resource domain name,
  • $video_id —  slug, an individual parameter in VOD's URL. You may find it in the VOD Page URL (VOD Settings -> Export -> Page URL) just after your account's ID. For example, in this URL, gnhWeEAA6LT - is a slug
  • $expires  — URL expiration time (in seconds),
  • $link — token generation schema,
  • $url — URL.
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