Download speed limit: control the download speed for end users

The download speed limit is an option that allows you to control the content delivery speed to end-users.

Option setting

Option features 

To configure the speed limits, go to the CDN resource settings.


Show Advanced settings - > Network Limits section -> Add option -> Download speed limit


There are two ways to limit the download speed per connection: static and dynamic.3._____________.png


Set limits for all connections, but doesn't have an option for flexible customizing.

The download speed limit is set by two parameters:

Connection Speed

Defines the download speed limit per connection after the client loads more data than specified in the Limit After parameter.

The value should be above zero. 4._________.png

Limit after

Defines the amount of data that will be delivered without limitations. In case the client  above the specified value, the download speed will be limited.

The value should be above zero. If set to zero, the download speed will be limited from the first byte.



Allows you to flexibly customize delivery limits using the speed and buffer parameters in the end-user request to the CDN.


The speed parameter limits the download speed. The buffer parameter is the number  of bytes that can be downloaded without speed limits.

To set it up, you need to generate links on the origin side

For example: when the user requests content via a link the download speed will be limited to 50 kb / s after downloading 500 kb.


Features of the option

  • For both options, the limit is set per request, so if the client opens two connections at the same time, the total speed will be twice above the specified limit.
  • Ignore Query String option does not affect Limit Download Speed option. They can be used together.
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