Download speed limit: control the download speed for end users

Option setting
• Static configuration
• Connection Speed
• Limit After
• Dynamic configuration
Option features 

The Download Speed Limit option allows you to control the content delivery speed to end users.

Option setting

To configure the speed limit via the control panel:

1. Go to CDN and select the CDN resource you want to configure.


2. In the navigation panel, under the Network limits section, click Download speed limit.


This option has 2 modes: Static and Dynamic.



This mode sets a limit on all content that is transmitted through the CDN. When this mode is selected, you can define the Connection Speed and Limit After parameters.

Connection Speed

This setting defines the maximum download speed per connection in Kilobytes per second (KB/s). This parameter only accepts values equal to or higher than 1 KB/s.


Limit After

This setting defines the amount of data that can be downloaded without limit before the Connection Speed parameter takes effect. If set to 0, the download speed will be limited immediately from the first byte.



This mode sets different limits for different users or for different types of content. The speed is adjusted based on requests with the speed and buffer arguments.


The speed sets the maximum download speed, while the buffer sets how much data will be transferred without the speed limit. The buffer argument is optional.

Typically, these arguments are passed as parameters in a query string. For example, the following URL would limit download speed to 50 KB/s after downloading 500 KB:

Option features

  • For both modes, the limit is set per request, so if the client opens two connections at the same time, the total speed will be twice the specified limit.
  • Ignore Query String option does not affect the Download Speed Limit option. They can be used together.
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