Node. Change number of nodes in pool

Following this instruction, you can quickly increase or decrease the number of nodes in the pool of a running cluster.

  1. Click the cluster name.

  1. Open the “Pools” tab. Click the selector next to the pool and select “Change current number of nodes”.

  1. Enter the new number of nodes. Once you click "Save":

  • If you have specified more nodes than are in the cluster now, the system will quickly deploy new ones.   
  • If you have specified fewer nodes than are in the cluster now, the system will remove redundant ones.

The new number of nodes must not go beyond the autoscaling limits. If your pool has "minimum number of nodes" 1, and "maximum number of nodes" 8 you can change the current number of nodes in the range from 1 to 8. These limits can be changed in "Change autoscaling limits":

Please note: if no load is applied to the new nodes, they may soon be removed by autoscaling. It removes nodes that have been idle for 20 minutes straight. It stops removing only when the "minimum number of nodes" is reached. You can disable autoscaling if you want.

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