Video. Upload a video and embed it to your website or application

1. Go to the Video tab, click the Add button and select Upload video.


2. Upload a video using one of the following actions:  

    • drag your video to the upload area, 
    • click "Select a file" and choose a video from a folder on your computer, or
    • click "Upload from the origin" and specify the video URL.


3. Wait until your video is uploaded and processed. Waiting time varies depending on video size and Internet speed.


4. Click either the name of the video or "Settings" in the drop-down menu to go to the settings of the uploaded video.


5. Change the video settings if it's necessary. You can:

  • Change its name (it will be displayed in the control panel).
  • Enter a description (it will be displayed in the control panel).
  • Select custom player, if you enabled the Players feature.
  • Select tags for a video. 
  • Add subtitles and a subtitle language.
  • Select a screensaver from screenshots or upload a screensaver from your computer.

6. Go to the "Export" tab and copy an iFrame code to embed the video to your website, a URL of the video page or URL for your own player.

On this tab you can download the uploaded video in the required quality by selecting its bitrate and clicking Download video.   


The video is distributed via a CDN resource. A video URL contains a domain name like "", that was automatically generated and configured for your account. If you want to use your custom domain (not "" ), change the CDN settings.   

If the video is requested over a direct link or from the website where you have inserted the iFrame code, all views will be counted for the statistics. To see it, go to the video settings (step 5) and click the "Statistics" tab.

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