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Why Gcore


Support Ukrainian business

We offer our Edge Network resources and Cloud services in support of the people of Ukraine.

Support Ukrainian business
Support Ukrainian business
Our statement

Our statement

Gcore is strongly opposed to all forms of violence and warfare. Peace, democracy and free enterprise are the foundation of Gcore’s values as a business.

We have decided to support the Ukrainian community and offer access to our IT resources outside the war-affected zones free of charge so that Ukrainian companies can maintain their operations.

We stand in solidarity with the affected Ukrainian families and have pledged resources to support UNICEF in its humanitarian work in the embattled regions.

Assistance Gcore offers to Ukraine

Due to the increased demand of Ukrainian companies for secure data storage and backup, Gcore provides Edge & Cloud resources free of charge to keep your business up and running.

Ukrainian companies will get free access to Gcore public cloud, global content delivery network (CDN), DNS, WAF and DDoS & malware bots protection, storage, and other infrastructure services.

Our experts will provide support in migration, setting-up of back-up, and secure data storage for the continuous operation of business.



Unlimited (fair use policy) to keep your business up and running

High web performance and advanced security in 180+ PoPs on 6 continents.


Free services on request

Unlimited (subject to availability) to keep your business up and running

Virtual machines and bare metal, block and object storage, Kubernetes, FaaS, and other services.

Technological Advantages


Tier III–IV data centers with a bandwidth up to 100 Gbps


Response time within 30 ms worldwide

Professional care

Assistance and free consultations with our engineers and architects

Helping hand

Free 24/7 tech support

How to receive an assistance grant?

  • 1

    Fill out the application including a confirmation of Ukrainian legal entity registration

  • 2

    Sign up on the Gcore platform

  • 3

    Enable the services you need (your account manager and tech support will help you)

  • 4

    Use the assistance grant to develop your product and business

Fill out the application form

We are doing our best to keep your business up and running with the services you require. We will contact you ASAP to help you to migrate and learn the ropes.