How to provide a reliable infrastructure for the financial market. Your Bourse case study

How to provide a reliable infrastructure for the financial market. Your Bourse case study

About Your Bourse

Your Bourse is an Estonia-based company founded by the former founder and owner of Alpari Group, Andrey Vedikhin. Your Bourse is a software company that offers trade execution solutions for the retail and institutional MT4/MT5 and crypto brokers as well as data analytics and reporting and risk management solutions.

The task

Your Bourse offers a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for crypto brokers and traditional CDF/FX brokers.

The core product is the Matching Engine, which allows brokers to create their central order book. The Matching Engine matches buy and sell trades, such as if someone is selling 10 stocks of company A for X dollars at the market price and someone else is trying to buy 10 stocks of company A for X dollars at the market price, the Engine will match them to confirm the deal.

Another product offered by the company is Liquidity Aggregation, which provides a constant flow of orders into the central order book–Matching Engine. The tool uses FIX API connectors and WebSocket API connectors to aggregate pricing from multiple trading venues such as banks and cryptocurrency exchanges and then stream the pricing to end clients. Brokers can create an unlimited liquidity pool with different routing rules from just a single connection to the venue. As of now, Your Bourse is integrated with all traditional CDF/FX trading venues and several crypto exchanges. Crypto market makers can use the Matching Engine to match trade between various venues, and brokers can also create dark pools using the Engine.

Your Bourse also has native integration with two most popular trading platforms in the retail FX and CFD’s market: MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). These trading platforms connect to the Engine via Bridge or Gateway, take its aggregated pricing data and stream it to their end-users. If an MT4/MT5 end-user wants to trade, they send a buy/sell order back to the Matching Engine, and the order is processed internally or streamed to the Liquidity provider based on the routing rules set by a broker. The connectivity between the trade execution engine and MT4/MT5 is provided through API plugins of MT4/MT5 servers (Bridge and Gateway). For clients who don’t have the resources to host their own MT4 or MT5 trading platforms, Your Bourse offers hosting and administration services for these platforms.

Your Bourse was looking for a hosting service who would be able to provide reliable infrastructure for their MT4 and MT5 clients. As a key figure in the financial market, the connectivity speed was also crucial. This is how Your Bourse started partnering with Gcore.

The result

Your Bourse uses Gcore, most and foremost to host its PaaS components, but also to provide ultra-low latency and secure MT4/MT5 server hosting and a turn-key solution for those who want to quickly launch a MT4/MT5 brokerage.

The testing period is over, and we are pleased Gcore is a very reliable partner. In the future, we are planning to move at least half of our infrastructure to Gcore, safe in the knowledge that Gcore’s infrastructure is sufficient to even host our most precious component—one of the fastest matching engines in the world.

Andrey Vedikhin

Your Bourse Founder, CEO and CTO

In 2022, Your Bourse was awarded Best Technology Provider during the Ultimate Fintech Awards 2022 that took place in Cyprus at iFX Expo International. Your Bourse was also recently awarded Best Technology Provider MEA 2023.

Why Your Bourse chose Gcore Hosting

  • Tier III and Tier IV certified data centers around the world
  • Variety of configurations and upgrade possibilities
  • DDoS protection
  • 24/7 NOC support

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