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How to save 40% on the infrastructure of a multimillion-dollar game: the experience of Sandbox Interactive and Albion Online

Posted: 20.01.2022
Sandbox Interactive GmbH is an independent game development studio, founded in 2012 in Berlin. The company strongly believes that creating their own world and interacting with other gamers are paramount to the gaming experience. Their flagship product is the sandbox game Albion Online.

About Albion Online

Albion Online is a medieval-style open-world MMORPG.

The game allows players to combine armor and weapons to implement different playing styles, explore the world, fight other adventurers in exciting battles, conquer territories, craft items, and build their own homes.

The game was officially released in 2017, and in April 2019, it adopted the free-to-play model.

Today, Albion Online is the first truly cross-platform game. It is supported on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android and iOS. All players play on one server with a huge and constantly growing world.

Server stability, scalability, and effective DDoS protection are paramount for online games of such scale.

The goal

The launch of the free-to-play version has attracted millions of gamers around the world. A game of this format required flawless operation of the infrastructure at all stages, from hosting and protecting servers against DDoS attacks to a content delivery network that would provide the maximum game download speed to users around the world.

Already at the launch stage, Sandbox Interactive specialists understood what resources would be required for the successful operation of the project. At the same time, they started using the content delivery network of one of the world’s largest providers.

However, monthly CDN payments increased along with the growing popularity of the sandbox MMORPG. At the end of 2020, Sandbox Interactive’s infrastructure specialists started looking for more budget-friendly options.


Robin Henkys

“We got used to a high level of service and wanted to get the same thing with the new vendor but for much less money. We needed a reliable and affordable alternative”


Robin Henkys

The results

The migration from the previous content delivery network to G-Core Labs CDN was quick and painless.


David Salz

“We managed to transfer all our resources without any problems. Our users did not notice any changes. Thanks to G-Core Labs, we achieved the results we expected and saved over 40% on CDN infrastructure in a year"


David Salz

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