Future-Proof CDN

for the Gaming Industry

Gcore CDN expands the geographical presence of your gaming products and speeds up downloads for your players.

Key Benefits

    Meet the expectations of demanding players

    Deliver long awaited game updates and hotfixes to your audience with the lowest waiting time.

    Low infrastructure investments

    Expand your game to new markets using our cloud-based infrastructure and easily cut capital expenditures on your CDN cache servers and networking hardware.


    No worry of DDoS attacks and other malicious threats

    Stay fully focused on product development and gaming world creations with zero distractions from infrastructure fortification and security.


Any game. Superfast delivery

We are constantly improving our CDN service to ensure the best performance of your games anywhere in the world.

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Game’s Audience

    Browser Games

    We easily deliver hi-res images, audio and video files, ads, and other assets of your game to the client's browser.


    Mobile Games

    We drastically decrease the total download time of in-game content and planned app updates.

    PC and Consoles Games

    We keep your infrastructure fully available during any patch days, even if you operate with hi-res graphic assets and multi-gigabytes patches.


Boost monetization in F2P games

Many popular online games use the free-to-play model and earn revenue from in-game purchases and micro-transactions by selling additional pieces of unique content to gamers.

By making downloads of this content smooth and fast, the Gcore CDN helps you deliver a greater gaming experience to your customers, reduce the abandonment rate and increase recurring purchases.

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With GCore CDN
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Mitigate traffic peaks with no extra cost

Traffic surges during game releases are becoming an increasingly serious challenge for network bandwidth and the entire company infrastructure. Some of our customers require a bandwidth reserve of about 2 Tbps to overcome traffic peaks without affecting user satisfaction.

With a global network capacity of more than 110 Tbps, we are ready to solve this challenge and save you from having to build costly hardware environments.

CDN designed for heavy gaming content delivery

    Cache Prefetching

    This gives you an opportunity to pre-upload content to the caching servers, saving you from the destructive effect of the request avalanche when long awaited patches are released. This can reduce infrastructure loads by 20-30%.

    Origin Shielding

    This is an intermediate layer of the servers between the caching servers and the origin, which distributes content to the cache and significantly reduces the number of requests to the client's infrastructure.

    Large Files Delivery Optimization

    This slices your big patch files into smaller (10 MB) pieces and sequentially transfers them to the caching servers. At the end, these portions of patch will be sent directly to the users.

    Cache Sharding

    This creates one shared cache over all server nodes within the point of presence, helping you to reduce response time and the number of requests to the origin. In turn, the traffic costs and infrastructure load will be reduced.

Trusted by Leaders

    The speed, convenience and quality of services provided are the three main characteristics we have found in our partner Gcore.


    Tomislav Gojević


    The Gcore team understand our needs and promptly responds to our requests. The infrastructure provisioned meets the highest international standards.


    Terry Kim

    Bandai Namco

    With Gcore, we have managed to standardise our global expansion and cover regions where it would have been very difficult to gain a foothold on our own. The cloud provider has the expertise we need in low latency and high server performance. In addition, it knows the needs of a game hoster in expanding our online business worldwide and has the necessary structures for on-site implementation.


    Marcel Bößendörfer


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