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Why Gcore


Boost your

multi-CDN strategy

Gcore CDN brings additional performance and flexibility for your content delivery needs.

Boost your multi-CDN strategy

Scale your business opportunities while mitigating risks

A multi-CDN strategy helps to prevent vendor lock-in and mitigate the risks of choosing a new service provider. With multiple CDN providers in your arsenal, you get better service terms and a preferential bargaining position.

At Gcore, we are ideally situated to help your business step to the next level with our advanced CDN feature set and outstanding global network coverage. Using our CDN as part of your multi-CDN strategy can help you achieve increased speed, lower your operational costs, and reach new regions and markets. This translates to business growth, efficiency, and productivity.

Gcore CDN for your multi-vendor portfolio

More than 180 locations

We offer outstanding coverage in Latin America, Africa, and Europe.

Flexibility and customization

With our expertise, you can expect a tailor-made solution developed specifically for your needs.

IPv6 and HTTP/3

Our technology stack is cutting edge to ensure that our network is optimized for tomorrow’s internet.

Smart asset optimization

Image transformation and asset compression on the fly reduce the operational costs of content delivery, offering you exceptional value.

Benefits of a multi-CDN approach

  • Improve your SaaS products

      More edge locations increase the overall performance metrics of your apps
      Regional diversity and vendor diversity can reveal opportunities to reduce service costs
      Proper load balancing between CDNs improves the overall resiliency of your web service
  • Unleash your video streaming

      Additional points of presence make it easier to scale your video services to new markets
      Multi-CDN strategy is a native way to scale your audience without risky, long-term investments
      Unprecedented network capacity ensures smooth streaming even during intensive live broadcasting
  • Protect your mission-critical services

      Delegating traffic to multiple vendors makes your business operations more agile and secure
      Multiple CDN vendors provide more network capacity for mitigating DDoS attacks
      Additional CDNs in your infrastructure reduce the impact of any natural or technogenic disasters

Cutting-edge infrastructure under the hood

A multi-CDN strategy protects your web service from possible outages, improving availability. Gcore CDN delivers robust edge network services running over premium server hardware within secure Tier III and Tier IV data centers, ensuring you reap the maximum benefits of a multi-CDN approach.

Cutting-edge infrastructure under the hood

Connect directly to your customers

Gcore CDN allows you to establish lightning-fast connections between your app and your audience. We boast more than 14,000 peering partners worldwide and direct connections with major, global ISPs.

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Connect directly to your customers

Choose the features you need

Employing a multi-CDN approach allows you to take advantage of the various functionalities your service providers offer. Gcore CDN brings a comprehensive content delivery feature set to strengthen your competitive market position.

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  • I want to be able to quickly deliver content to my visitors, and Gcore does a great job of this.

    Ethan Cheong

  • For security and scalability reasons, we decided right away that we wanted to entrust the delivery of our customers’ videos to a reputable CDN provider. We settled on the infrastructure of Gcore and don’t regret our choice.

    Nathan Ihlenfeldt

  • Having a reliable and quick-to-respond hosting partner is crucial to the success of an MMO game like Albion Online. Gcore delivers just that. Whether it was the implementation of an advanced DDoS protection solution for our game, or resolving the connectivity issues of individual players, the Gcore technicians have been there for us 24/7. Always helpful, professional and dedicated.

    David Salz

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