Accelerated AI processing

on demand for Researchers

A cluster of Graphcore IPU servers designed for ML tasks, deployed in 15 minutes. With the Pay-As-You-Go plan, you pay only for resources consumed.

Accelerated AI processing on demand for Researchers

Success Stories

Accelerating Simulation Based Inference with Emerging AI Hardware

Researchers accelerated a probabilistic epidemiological model predicting the spread of Covid-19 with Graphcore IPUs. In this work, they explored hardware-accelerated simulation-based inference over probabilistic models by combining the massively parallelized ABC inference algorithm with state-of-the-art AI chip solutions uniquely suited for this purpose.

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  • bristol
  • paris
  • london
  • oxford
  • berkeley
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Watch the video
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AI IPU cloud is a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution for accelerating results in AI-based science projects

Graphcore’s Bow Pod machines are built with state-of-the-art Intelligence Processing Units (IPUs) designed for machine learning acceleration. These IPU systems have been shown to outperform leading GPU platforms on the market, enabling researchers to increase the speed and scale of data analysis.
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These servers show better performance than analogs on the market.
See the perfomance testing results: Graphcore’s IPU vs Nvidia’s A100 GPU →

Innovative technology

Сloud AI infrastructure is a tool for

    Research groups


    Use AI to reveal patterns, increase the speed and scale of data analysis, and form new hypotheses.


    Projects with Big


    Process large scale data with cloud AI infrastructure, using servers equipped for complex calculations with a wide range of variables.


    Teams spread

    across the globe

    Give access to the cloud AI cluster to your colleagues wherever they are. You can manage access: Give rights to work with or view the cluster.

Convenient features we provide

    Clear per minute price

    Estimate future expenses in advance

    Connect S3 storage

    Use Object Storage (S3) instead of uploading data to AI clusters

    Integration with cloud services

    Combine your cloud AI cluster with other IaaS/PaaS services to achieve better results


    Manage access policy for your projects: Assign multiple roles and restrict users’ rights if needed

    Deployment time is 15 minutes (or less)

    Get a cloud cluster in 15 minutes instead of waiting days for hardware delivery


Gcore is the foundation for your global infrastructure, applications and business

Your research data is securely protected

ISO/IEC 27001 certificate

ISO/IEC certification means we store data safely and guarantee only authorized persons can to access it.

PCI DSS certificate

Our entire infrastructure has an expert-grade high level of security to safely store information about bank accounts.

Compliance with GDPR

We comply with all requirements of GDPR – the European General Data Protection Regulation.

Only Tier III & Tier IV data centers

Tier III has round-the-clock monitoring. Tier IV remains functional if any infrastructure node fails.



Depending on the location, servers have different traffic options*. You can find explicit information below:

Bow Pod Server Config IPUs Server quantity Price
Bow Pod42x7763/ 512GB RAM / 2x450 SATA + 7x1.8Tb nvme / 2x100G 4 Order
Bow Pod162x7763/ 512GB RAM / 2x450 SATA + 7x1.8Tb nvme / 2x100G 16 Order
Bow Pod642x7763/ 512GB RAM / 2x450 SATA + 7x1.8Tb nvme / 2x100G 64 Order
Bow Pod1282x7763/ 512GB RAM / 2x450 SATA + 7x1.8Tb nvme / 2x100G 128 Order
Bow Pod2562x7763/ 512GB RAM / 2x450 SATA + 7x1.8Tb nvme / 2x100G 256 Order
Bow Pod10242x7763/ 512GB RAM / 2x450 SATA + 7x1.8Tb nvme / 2x100G 1024 Order
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