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Why Gcore


Basic VM:

virtual machines from €3.2 per month

The smallest things make a big difference.

Basic VM: virtual machines from €3.2 per month

What is Basic VM?

It is a shared virtual machine with partial core usage. Basic VM is a budget solution with the latest CPU Intel Xeon 4314 for light web servers and microservices.

Starting from €3.2, you get a virtual machine deployed in a couple of minutes with built-in DDoS protection.

What is Basic VM suitable for?

Virtual machines for various tasks: from hosting a cooking blog to making a backup server.

  • Website or blog hosting
  • Game server
  • Test and dev environments
  • Backups
  • VPN server
  • Pet project environment
  • Software test and updates
  • Safely deal with potential malware

An affordable solution for developers, webmasters, and regular users.

    Budget option
    Latest CPU - Intel Xeon 4314
    Local SSD for storage (up to 300MB/s)
    Ability to use user data
    Perfect solution for VPN, Webpage, Dev environment, small services/pet projects
    No SLA
    No snapshots/backups
    No resize option
    No additional data disks
    Predefined storage
    No Windows flavors
    200 Mbit/s

Available configurations

Name vCPUs ram storage egress mbit price
g2s-shared-1-1-25 1 1 25 GB Free 200 €3.20 Order
g2s-shared-1-2-25 1 2 25 GB Free 200 €5 Order
g2s-shared-1-2-50 1 2 50 GB Free 200 €10 Order
g2s-shared-2-4-50 2 4 50 GB Free 200 €18 Order
g2s-shared-2-4-80 2 4 80 GB Free 200 €20 Order
g2s-shared-4-8-80 4 8 80 GB Free 200 €37 Order
g2s-shared-4-8-160 4 8 160 GB Free 200 €40 Order
g2s-shared-8-16-160 8 16 160 GB Free 200 €76 Order
g2s-shared-8-16-320 8 16 320 GB Free 200 €80 Order
*Basic VM is a ready-made solution without hidden fees: The price includes storage and public IP address. VAT is not included.

Basic DDoS Protection by default

Each virtual machine has protection against reflecting attacks: DNS, NTP, SSDP, MSSQL, LDAP, SNMP, CharGen, Memcache, Echo, RIP, ARMS. Traffic threshold is 5 Gbps. (If traffic is higher, the IP address will be blocked automatically for 12 hours, after the IP address will be unblocked.)

Basic DDoS protection is forever free of charge. You pay only for a compute instance.

Available cloud regions

Basic VMs are available in the following regions:

  • Almaty
  • Amsterdam
  • Dubai
  • Frankfurt
  • Hong Kong
  • London
  • Manassas
  • Mumbai
  • São Paulo
  • Tokyo
  • Available

Why Gcore Edge Cloud

Best practices

Efficient business solutions based on 20+ infrastructure and platform services and on the next-generation hardware

Global presence

25+ locations in Europe, Asia, the USA, and Latin America

Easy setup

Self-service portal with

user-friendly control panel, detailed knowledge base, and API docs

Fast deployment

From order to work, virtual machines are ready in minutes

Reliable data centers

Tier III and IV data centers with Tbps-scale bandwidth, redundant power supply, spare parts, and 24/7 monitoring

L2 connectivity

Bare metal servers and virtual machines can be connected into private networks


Pay-as-you-go billing model

Trust and security

GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO/EIC 27 001 compliance

Integrated protection against L3, L4, L7 DDoS attacks

Try Basic VM, an affordable solution for a wide range of tasks.