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Why Gcore


Cloud File Shares

Secure, scalable, and efficient remote file sharing system in the cloud

Cloud File Shares

€0,10 / 1GB everywhere

(VAT not included)

Available in all cloud regions

Use cases

Create a secure, scalable, and easy-to-use remote file sharing system, which can be configured via a user-friendly UI or API.

Cloud infrastructure storage

Cloud infrastructure storage

Connect multiple servers to the shared file storage to access the same data across servers and create an efficient ecosystem of distributed applications or clustered environments

Backup and archival storage

Backup and archival storage

Efficiently store backups, archival data, as well as the information to be extracted from a virtual machines or a physical server

NFS as a persistent volume for Kubernetes

NFS as a persistent volume for Kubernetes

Use the file storage to organize persistent volumes of Kubernetes with RWM (ReadWriteMany) option

Web content delivery

Web content delivery

Store and serve static web content such as images and videos to improve performance of web applications running in the cloud

Features of Gcore
Cloud File Shares service

Create and manage file shares using NFS protocols

Attach file shares to multiple instances

Dynamically adjust file share sizes

Delete and manage file shares

View share information via API

Select or create networks for share availability

Access rule setup for file shares

Creation, management and recovery from snapshots

Ready-to-use solution

Secure, scalable, and efficient remote file sharing system in the cloud

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Why Gcore
Cloud File Shares

  • On-demand scaling of your storage

    Scale your storage resources on-demand without the hassle of managing physical hardware, leading to cost savings and improved operational efficiency. Increase the file storage capacity at any time, as easily as changing the parameters of a virtual machine.

  • Flexible data sharing across instances

    Share data across multiple instances, such as virtual machines, bare metal servers, and Kubernetes pods.

  • Cost savings

    Eliminate overall storage costs associated with setting up and upgrading on-premises servers and hardware to manage and store your files. Use and pay for the storage you need while we manage the hardware and upgrades.

  • Simplified management

    Easy storage management through a user interface, as well as through APIs and Infrastructure as a Code (IaaC) tools like Terraform.

How it works

You can connect instances and file shares using only private networks inside a single region

  • Log in to Gcore control panel
  • Go to Storage > File Shares
  • Create a network file storage with required parameters
  • Connect the file storage to your instance (virtual machine or bare metal server)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud file sharing is a service that allows multiple users to create, access, and share a common set of files stored in the cloud.

Yes. Cloud file shares includes access management which allows you to set user and group permissions to control access to the shared file data. In addition, we allow connecting instances and file shares using only private networks inside a single region, which results in higher levels of security and privacy.

Cloud file shares is the most secure, scalable, and efficient file sharing system in the cloud that helps you create, manage, and share file systems across virtual machines, bare metal servers and other instances within your cloud infrastructure.

The on-demand scalability of your storage and flexible file sharing across multiple instances results in cost savings and simplified management of your storage resources.

Cloud storage provides data storage and sharing capabilities, while cloud sharing allows simultaneous access for multiple users to a common set of files stored in the cloud, across multiple instances.

With Cloud file shares, multiple users can create, view, and edit the same files simultaneously and in near real-time from any location. Edits made by different users or groups are synced and saved almost instantly so that everyone sees the most recent version of the files.

The file size limit is up to 16TB per file.

Cloud file shares provides following benefits:

  • Scale your storage resources on-demand without worrying about physical hardware management.
  • Share and access data seamlessly across multiple instances.
  • Eliminate redundant storage devices by consolidating your storage resources.
  • Simplify your storage management via UI, API, and Terraform.