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Why Gcore


Ultra-low latency connectivity to global markets

Gcore Cloud solutions for brokers, traders, and financial services. Take advantage of fast and secure direct connectivity to major stock exchanges in London LD3 and 20+ other Equinix data centers worldwide.

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Ultra-low latency connectivity to global markets

Trusted by financial companies


Key benefits

  • Direct access to global markets with 5–10 ms latency

    Gcore hardware is deployed in 25+ Equinix data centers, including London, Paris, Amsterdam, Singapore, Tokyo, and Sydney. An average connection latency is less than 10 ms.

  • Proximity to a major EMEA financial hub

    Our infrastructure is located in Equinix’s LD3 data center in London, just 16 km from LD4, which houses the infrastructure of leading capital market participants. This ensures direct connectivity to a major EMEA stock exchange with ultra-low 5 ms latency.

  • High-performance servers

    Last-Gen Dell servers with high-frequency Intel CPUs in reliable Tier IV & III data centers.

  • Quick deployment and Managed Kubernetes

    Bare Metal servers deployment in 10 minutes, fully automated infrastructure.

Powerful and secure infrastructure in financial centers

We provide robust infrastructure in major financial centers for hosting the MetaTrader 4/5 platforms, ensuring ultra-low latency and high-speed processing. This allows your robots to react quickly to market changes.

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Performance benefits

    Direct connectivity to major financial hubs, including London, Singapore, and Tokyo, with 5–10 ms latency.
    High-speed processing of trading operations.
    An ideal environment for automated and high-frequency trading and scalping.

Security benefits

    Effective protection against L3, L4, and L7 DDoS attacks
    GDPR, PCI DSS, and ISO/IEC 27001 compliance
    Tier III and Tier IV resilient data centers
  • Active locations
  • Your location

Who can benefit from Gcore's infrastructure?

Gcore offers a ready-made infrastructure with business-critical features for financial services and companies of all types, including:

    Payment operators
    Crypto brokers
    Asset management companies
180+ points of presense worldwide
Who can benefit from Gcore's infrastructure?

Compliance with financial industry requirements

Financial companies have unique security and compliance obligations. Gcore Cloud for financial services fully meets industry standards.

  • ISO/IEC 27001 certificate

    ISO/IEC 27001 certificate

    ISO/IEC certification means we store data securely and guarantee that only authorized persons are able to access it.

  • PCI DSS certificate

    PCI DSS certificate

    Our entire infrastructure has been proven to maintain a level of security sufficient to store bank account information safely.

  • GDPR compliance

    GDPR compliance

    We are proven to comply with all requirements of GDPR, the European General Data Protection Regulation.

  • Only Tier III and IV data centers

    Only Tier III and IV data centers

    Tier III has round-the-clock monitoring and an expected uptime of 99.982% per year. Tier IV remains functional when any infrastructure node fails and has an expected uptime of 99.995% per year.

Success stories

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IT Manager

Gcore provides us with high reliability and uniform standards of service quality around the world. Gcore and Equinix together represent a customer-centric and flexible approach. A single point of entry into the global ecosystem gives us exceptionally easy access to any global location, partner services, and expansion opportunities that we need for our IT infrastructure in a rapidly growing environment.

Kirill Ilinich

IT Manager

Founder, CEO, and CTO

Gcore’s cloud infrastructure services are highly reliable, providing 100% uptime and high-speed connectivity to global markets. They have exceptional technical and customer support, which ensures prompt response times. Gcore’s portal also offers us comprehensive functionality and the ability to manage our configurations and data efficiently. Gcore’s commitment to offering the latest and best technology makes them an excellent choice for our businesses.

Andrey Vedikhin

Founder, CEO, and CTO

Bare metal instances

Bare metal instances

High-frequency single-core servers with 2 × 6348 Intel® Xeon® Gold CPUs and in other configurations. Hosting for your applications requiring high-frequency CPUs. An optimal solution for fintech services processing large amounts of data and confidential information.


    Linux and Windows installation in 10 minutes via REST API and Terraform
    Reliable Tier IV & III data centers around the world
    Secure, performant, and scalable resources for your financial workloads

GPU instances and Gcore’s AI infrastructure

Gcore’s AI cloud infrastructure combines bare metal servers with GPU instances. GPU is a processor type designed specifically to accelerate machine learning. That’s why Gcore’s AI cloud infrastructure is a perfect fit for analyzing market data.

Our AI infrastructure enables leading banks, traders, insurers, and payment companies to successfully accelerate AI financial modeling, predictive finance modeling, and AI research and development. It allows financial industries to predict stock moves ten times faster.

  • Make decisions with lower latency

  • Use models of greater complexity

  • Iterate faster when experimenting with model architectures

  • Use probabilistic models to avoid overfitting and account for noise

  • Re-train continuously

What we guarantee for financial markets and low-latency solutions

We provide direct connectivity to major financial hubs, including Equinix data centers in London and Tokyo. This ensures that financial market participants can access real-time data and execute high-frequency trades seamlessly.

  • Global acceleration with Gcore CDN for financial markets

    Fast delivery of financial content around the world

    Reduced latency for improved application performance and seamless transactions

    Tailored financial services solutions for global capital market participants

  • State-of-the-art DDoS protection for safeguarding financial data and transactions

    Comprehensive defense against DDoS attacks on L3, L4, and L7 layers

    Vulnerability detection in compliance with OWASP Top 10 and other industry standards

    Robust bot protection to maintain the integrity of financial platforms

  • S3 storage designed for backing up securely, building data lakes, and implementing big data analytics

    99.9% availability to ensure uninterrupted access to critical financial resources

    Data replication and robust data loss prevention measures

    Efficient transfer of model data sets and storage of computation results from AI clusters

  • L3/L4 network load balancers to efficiently distribute workloads

    Optimized workload distribution across multiple cloud resources spanning different regions for enhanced availability

    Exceptional scalability for financial applications through automated load transfer to new compute resources

    Flexible API-driven infrastructure management to handle dynamic financial market workloads

Secure and reliable public and private clouds

  • Predictable weekend maintenance windows

  • Advanced security: DDoS Protection, NG-WAF, Intel SGX instances

  • 99.9% availability

  • 24/7 technical support

Pay-as-you-go plans

Simple pricing for all Cloud products and services.

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  • Bare metal servers

  • Virtual instances

  • Load balancers

  • AI platform

  • Cloud storage

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