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Available Services

  • prometheus


    A monitoring system with a dimensional data model, a flexible query language, and an efficient database.

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  • artifactory


    A general-purpose repository management system.

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  • alertmanager


    A general-purpose notification management system.

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  • grafana


    A visualization system for metrics and data collected from different sources.

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  • openvpn


    A flexible VPN solution to secure your data communications.

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  • shadowsocks


    A high-performance cross-platform secured socks5 proxy.

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  • unumdb


    UnumDB is a distributed key/value database-as-a-service that aims to replace MongoDB, Neo4J, and Elastic with a single transactional database.

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  • rabbitmq


    Is easy to deploy locally and in the cloud. It supports multiple messaging protocols and streaming.

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    We’ll handle the workflow for the sale of user licenses to cloud clients.

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