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Why Gcore


Veeam Backup and Recovery

Backup and recover your critical business data to ensure business continuity.

Veeam Backup and Recovery
  • Comprehensive Data Protection

    Backup files, applications, databases, and more to mitigate the risks associated with data loss. Configure and manage backups effortlessly, ensuring your critical data is always secure.

  • Scalable Architecture

    Scale up or down as needed, accommodating the changing requirements of your organization while maintaining consistent, reliable data protection.

  • Faster Recovery Times

    Minimize downtime and keep your business running smoothly with fast recovery times. Ensure quick restoration of critical systems and applications, reducing the impact on your operations.

Comprehensive backup and recovery solutions at competitive prices

€15 euro per instance + €0.1 Storage + €0.02 S3 Storage

Why Choose Gcore’s Veeam Backup and Recovery Service

  • Backup and Replication

    Full VM backups, incremental backups, backup copy jobs, and backup from storage snapshots

  • Instant VM Recovery

    Quickly restore VMs from backups to the production environment

  • Multi-Platform Support

    Support for a wide range of platforms, including virtual, physical, and cloud-based environments

  • Faster Recovery Times

    Ensure quick restoration of critical systems and applications, reducing the impact on your operations

  • Cost-Effective Solution

    Competitive pricing models tailored to fit your budget, ensuring you receive the best return on your investment

  • Self-Service Recovery

    Self-service recovery options for end-users, enabling them to restore files or VMs without IT intervention

Start your journey towards a secure and resilient data protection strategy

Enjoy a comprehensive set of features that help organizations protect their data, ensure data availability, and facilitate recovery in case of data loss.

    Automated verification of backups and replicas to ensure recoverability
    Inline deduplication and compression to optimize storage usage
    Integration with storage arrays for snapshot-based backup and recovery
    Replication of VMs to a remote site for disaster recovery purposes
    Secure and efficient cloud-based backup and replication
    Granular file-level recovery from VM backups
    Quick recovery of individual files from NAS backups
    RESTful API for integration with other systems and automation of tasks
    Stay informed in real time with alerts and triggers

Protect your critical business data, ensure business continuity, and minimize the impact of potential disasters with the Gcore Veeam backup and recovery service.

Asked Questions

  • Veeam Backup and Recovery is a data protection and backup solution designed to help businesses ensure data availability, manage backup and recovery operations, and streamline disaster recovery processes for virtualized environments.
  • Veeam uses various security measures, including encryption of data at rest and in transit, to ensure data security during backup and recovery operations.
  • Yes, Veeam Backup and Recovery offers replication capabilities to replicate VMs to a remote site for disaster recovery purposes.
  • Yes, Veeam Backup and Recovery offers integration with leading public cloud platforms, allowing you to back up data to the cloud and enable cloud-based disaster recovery.
  • Veeam ensures application consistency during backups through application-aware processing, ensuring that databases and other applications are in a consistent state for successful recovery.
  • Yes, Veeam provides automation capabilities through APIs, allowing you to automate and integrate backup tasks with other systems and processes.
  • Yes, Veeam Backup and Recovery supports file-level recovery, allowing you to recover individual files from VM backups without restoring the entire VM.
  • Veeam uses deduplication and compression techniques to optimize storage usage and reduce the amount of storage required for backups.
  • Yes, Gcore’s Veeam Backup and Recovery offers comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities to track backup performance, compliance, and overall system health.