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Why Gcore



Private Cloud

Create your own cloud networks.

Virtual Private Cloud

Gcore Cloud Networks

The Cloud Networks service is used to connect cloud resources to each other, to the Internet and to manage the parameters of cloud networks. Using the network management service, you can create private networks, segment them into subnets (within the region), and manage the assignment of IP addresses to cloud resources.

Main Functions

  • Creating and managing private networks
  • Creating and managing routers
  • Creating and managing security groups
  • Setting up floating IP
  • Setting up Virtual IP
  • Setting up Reserved Fixed IP

How it works

  • Floating IP

    You reserve a floating IP and assign it to the instance. When packets for this IP come to the router, it gives them to your device. When packets come back from the instance, the router sends them on behalf of the floating IP.

3 reasons to use a private cloud

  • Excellent connectivity

    Store data in Tier IV data centers with superior worldwide connectivity.

  • Isolated network

    Combine servers into a protected isolated network.

  • Flexible subnet management

    Manage subnets using private address ranges.

Advantages of our private cloud

  • Instant access to resources

  • Secure isolated cloud environment

  • Management by the console, command line, or API

  • Channel capacity up to 40 Gbps

  • Unlimited intra-network traffic

  • 24/7 technical support

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