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Output parameters after transcoding: bitrate, frame rate, and codecs

What is transcoding with ABR?

In a nutshell, transcoding is converting the original video from one format to another format with a set of extra qualities (ABR). Transcoding aims to make videos viewable across different platforms and devices and to expand the number of viewers, e.g., adding those who couldn't watch the video in its original format. Learn more about transcoding with our in-depth article.

Transcoding with adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR) works like this:

  1. Decoding of the original video (list of accepted parameters for input video)
  2. Processing, including scaling (resizing,) frame rate conversion, aspect ratio conversion, and other types of video processing
  3. Encoding into the desired output format

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Audio and video codecs

A transcoded video stream has the following codecs by default:

  • Audio: AAC, 44.1KHz, stereo
  • Video: H264, 30FPS, ABR

Output parameters after transcoding

Video Quality Resolution FPS Video bitrate, Mbps Audio bitrate, Mbps
UHD 8K* 7680 × 4320 - - -
UHD 4K 3840 × 2160 30 14,000 0,196
QHD 2K 2560 × 1440 30 7,200 0,196
Full HD 1080p 1920 × 1080 30 4,050 0,128
HD 720p 1280 × 720 30 1,800 0,128
SD 480p 854 × 480 30 0,800 0,128
360p 640 × 360 30 0,450 0,064
240p* 427 × 240 30 0,200 0,064
144p* 254 × 144 30 0,072 0,064 (1ch)

*To enable these qualities, contact the support team.

The values in the table are given for videos with a horizontal aspect ratio of 16:9. The values are reversed for vertical videos. For example, if a horizontal resolution is (1280 × 720), the relevant vertical resolution is (720 × 1280).

We use variable bitrate (VBR) for encoding video. The table above shows average values. The control panel shows a sum of audio and video bitrates.

Note: We don’t upscale videos. Your output will range from the lowest quality to that of your original bitrate. So, if you upload a 4K video, your output will range from the lowest quality up to 4K. Similarly, if you upload a 720p video, your output will vary from the lowest quality up to 720p only.

How to apply custom advanced settings

To apply the following custom settings, contact the support team or your manager:

  • Use codecs H265 HEVC, VP9, AV1, etc.
  • Add 8K quality
  • Add super-low quality 144p
  • Change preset of output ABR qualities for all or some renditions, remove low-quality renditions
  • Use 60+ FPS or use original FPS values
  • Increase bitrate for audio; use 48KHz
  • Use Dolby Digital, Dolby Atmos
  • Transmux and “pass-through” instead of transcoding for live streams

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