Image Stack

An Image CDN for convenient transformation, compression, and delivery of website images on the fly.

Get optimized website performance with ease

Image Stack helps you automatically compress and transform website images without using additional plugins and graphic software. By having lightweight and well-sized images, your website pages will load faster and your visitors will have a consistently better user experience.

Web Server
Original JPG
200 kB
Edge Server
Edge Server
Edge Server
Resized JPG
140 kB
Resized WebP
98 kB
Resized AVIF
72 kB
End Users
End Users
End Users

Key benefits

Improved website performance

An increase in fast-loading images and a more responsive website drives more conversions and makes your users happy.

Loyal users and better SEO

Perfectly sized and compressed images improve user experience and raise your website’s search ranking positions.

Reduced bandwidth costs

WebP and AVIF-converted images significantly reduce the total amount of traffic passing through the CDN.

Website management made simple

Image optimization and transformation automatically happen in the cloud by adding query strings to the image URLs.

WebP & AVIF compression

WebP and AVIF are modern image compression technologies capable of delivering end users a high-quality output image with a smaller file size.

Using Image Stack by Gcore, you can simply choose the image quality level, and our system will deliver it to the end user, automatically adapting the file format to the client's browser.

WebP & AVIF compression


30 kB

WebP & AVIF compression


21 kB

WebP & AVIF compression


14 kB

Choose image quality

Choose image quality

Easy image transformation

Change the size of the output image on the fly by appending specific query strings to the original CDN URLs.

Image Stack operates on the width, height, and fit queries, transformations which help you easily adapt the requested image to the client device.







Transformation image

Decreased traffic, lower costs

By using Image Stack, your website visitors receive compressed and resized images, significantly reducing the total amount of traffic you need to pay for.

E-commerce traffic
Normal mode
Image stack is on
700 Mb/s600 Mb/s500 Mb/s400 Mb/s300 Mb/s200 Mb/s100 Mb/s0 b/s

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