IT Infrastructure Management

IT Infrastructure Management

We will cover all the IT needs of your business – from architecture planning to the entire operation of ready-made solutions.

What we offer

  • Cloud storage and automatic data backup.
  • Full servicing of your projects, including operating systems, applications, and services.
  • Expert design and maintenance of private networks.
  • Preventive monitoring network equipment, web servers, sites, system performance, and event logs.
  • Tier III and Tier IV certified data centers.
  • Real-time traffic filtering and protection of websites and web applications from hacking and DDoS attacks.
  • Advanced network and server equipment from leading manufacturers.
  • A team of engineers, available 24/7, is responsible for keeping your infrastructure running.

Fast integration with your system at any level—from data center to application

Data center



Operating system

Applicaton infrastructure

Monitoring & maintenance


Managed hosting

Full IT outsourcing

Why Gcore is the right choice

    We help you save on the IT infrastructure's design, maintenance, and management that will underpin your success.
    We are committed to your growth. The faster you grow, the more advanced infrastructure we'll manage.
    When authorizing Gcore to manage your IT infrastructure, you're entrusting it to experts in high-load systems. The service we offer is always tailored to meet your individual needs, and we don’t use templates unnecessarily.
Why Gcore is the right choice
  • Savings

    You will reduce the cost of creating or developing the existing infrastructure.
  • Scaling

    As you enter new markets, we will provide you with the resources you need to grow quickly.
  • Speed

    You won’t waste time choosing the best technologies or hiring IT specialists.
  • Security

    You will be reliably protected against modern cyberattacks at all layers.

What we guarantee

  • Top-notch engineering

    Our network architecture is designed by taking into account the needs of gaming, advertising, media companies, and large broadcasters to scale up. We can integrate with the architecture and processes of complex systems.

  • An individual approach

    The infrastructure of any online service requires an individual approach. We will select the optimal computing power and network capacity, depending on the required level of availability of your services and the geographic location of your clients.

  • A dedicated IT team

    If necessary, our specialists will become part of your IT team. They will participate in your development, system change, and optimization processes.

How we work

    We study your business processes in detail and analyze the infrastructure requirements.
    We design the optimal solution individually for you.
    We support, update, develop, and protect your IT infrastructure from cyber attacks.
How we work

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