Partnering with

InData Labs

How our partnership empowers businesses with AI, big data and data science solutions

Partnering with InData Labs
InData Labs+Gcore
Together with InData Labs, we provide custom software development services and deliver impactful AI-based software, data science and big data solutions tailored to specific business needs.

Solutions for our clients in partnership with InData Labs


    AI software development and consulting
    Data science & analytics
    Machine learning consulting
    Computer vision

Big Data Engineering

    Architecture consulting
    Data engineering ETL/ELTs
    Data warehouse and data lake design
    BI & data visualization

Cloud Advisory

    Assessment & analysis
    Architecture design
    Migration & integration
    Cost optimization

Predictive Analytics

    Claims fraud
    Churn prediction
    Recommendation system
    Customer segmentation
    Spent optimization

Generative AI & NLP

    Generative AI consulting
    ChatGPT integration
    LLMs training and fine-tuning
    Sentiment analysis
    Text categorization and topic detection

Generic Software Engineering

    iOS & Android
    Web applications
    Serverless & microservices

Benefits for your business

Increase revenue
Cut down costs
Improve strategic decision-making
Become a data-driven business
Advance customer experience
Mitigate business risks
Forecast future trends
Improve work efficiency
Simplify data management
Gcore’s extensive experience in product and service development combined with InData Labs' expertise in AI, big data and data science technologies allows us to develop the most efficient and cutting-edge software for our customers.

Why we trust InData Labs

Experts in AI technologies

Top AI company listed in the Global Clutch Leaders Matrix, serving clients across industries since 2014.

Certified cloud partner

The team's capabilities and skills are validated by AWS and Azure certifications and partnerships with leading cloud solution providers.

Innovative solutions

InData Labs strives to find the most suitable, innovative, and cutting-edge technologies tailored to specific business needs.