Web Application Penetration Testing

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A pen test trial for IT infrastructure and web applications.

  • Its goal is to simulate a possible attack and determine how deep an attacker can penetrate the system, and how much damage can be caused to a business.
  • Through this, we can identify existing vulnerabilities and assess the current information security risks.
  • We test two scenarios: external penetration (when the access rights to the application are not available), and internal actions of company employees who have access rights.
A pen test trial for IT infrastructure and web applications.

Five stages of penetration testing

Testing is based on the OWASP Web Security Testing Guide and Penetration Testing Execution Standard and includes five main stages.

  • 1

    Infrastructure research

    Collecting and analyzing as much information as possible about the potential target of an attacker.

  • 2

    Threat modeling

    Simulating potential threats based on collected and structured data about the infrastructure and services.

  • 3

    Vulnerability analysis

    Detecting flaws in systems and applications: possible entry points, attack vectors, tools and methods for hacking.

  • 4


    An attempt to gain access to a system or web resource by bypassing security restrictions.

  • 5


    Determining the value of a compromised computer for the business and retaining control over it for future use.

What the pen test results report includes

  • Testing summary and checklist
  • Methodology
  • Current security threats
  • Detailed description of vulnerabilities detected
  • Recommendations for enhancing the infrastructure and web services security
What the pen test results report includes

How we describe detected vulnerabilities

  • CVSS evaluation

  • Attack replay scenarios

  • Possible consequences of attacks

  • Recommendations on how to fix vulnerabilities

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