4 effective tools for protection against cyber attacks

The availability of a site or a service is crucial for everyone who sells and supports a product on the Internet. If a web resource consistently makes money, then it is at risk—either due to targeted attack from competitors or because of automatic scanning of the website for vulnerabilities which is being constantly carried out by botnets.

4 effective tools for protection against cyber attacks

Market needs. We are witnessing a shift from volumetric attacks on the network equipment (L3) or connection channels (L4) to attacks at the application level (L7). They are more difficult to detect and to distinguish from legitimate traffic.

In 2017, 20 billion devices have already been connected to the Internet of things (data provided by British research company IHS Markit). And in the future, the number of devices from which attacks can be issued will only grow.

For this reason, it may not be an easy task for the means of protection against hacking and DDoS attacks to detect and prevent sophisticated attacks on web applications doing it very accurately so that legitimate users will not suffer from it.

Uniqueness of technology. Protection by Gcore is a complex means of protection against DDoS attacks of any complexity and volume, as well as attacks aimed at hacking the resource. Traffic is being filtered in real time, without delays due to accumulating statistics on DDoS attack pattern.

Protection is activated upon the first request and without blocking by IP addresses, so as not to restrict legitimate users alongside with the malicious traffic. We are able to instantly detect intelligent low-frequency attacks at the application level.

4 effective tools for protection against cyber attacks

Protection by Gcore consists of 4 most popular services

DDoS Mitigation. Detection and repulsion of DDoS attacks (including low-frequency attacks) at the network (L3), transport (L4) and web application (L7) level.

Web Application Firewall (WAF). Protection of sensitive website data against hacking and hacker attacks. Detection of web applications vulnerabilities and selection of means for eliminating them. Vulnerability management and quality control.

Bot Protection. Traffic quality management and blocking unwanted bots upon the first request. This service allows to prevent automatic parsing, brute force or any other manifestation of bot activity on your web resource.

API Protection. Protection of API from DDoS attacks and prevention of using your API by third-party applications.

A key business value. There is no more need to hire cyber security experts and to buy expensive equipment for reliable protection against cyber attacks. Business processes will not stop, and users and customers will not notice that the resource was under attack.

Connection speed. If you have been attacked, we will promptly provide you with free protection for 3 days. You may quickly assess its effectiveness and get under permanent protection on favorable terms.

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