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CDN and hosting basics for iGaming industry

We invite you to a free webinar—Insights iGaming: Hosting & CDN in a Nutshell.

CDN and hosting basics for iGaming industry

It aims to give an insight into CDN and hosting requirements that every iGaming business needs to meet in order to serve its customers on a global scale.

The webinar will be useful for those who are new to CDN and hosting services and for anyone who is interested in learning the basics regarding how CDN and hosting relate to iGaming (gambling) industry.

Participants will learn:

  • What a CDN is.
  • How to set up hosting for iGaming industry (jurisdiction-related rules).
  • Basics of content delivery network operating principles and how to improve latency through CDN.
  • What kind of hosting is best for iGaming industry.

Speakers: Stefano Sordini (CEO of NetShop ISP), Marko Jankovic (Head of Business Development at G-Core Labs)

Date and time: October 29, 15:00 CET

Duration: 50 minutes

Technical expertise required: none

Participation: free

See you at the webinar!

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