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Why Gcore


Managed Database for


Provision fully managed PostgreSQL databases in a matter of minutes.

Managed Database for  PostgreSQL

High performance and SLA-backed

Get high availability production configuration with three replicas and 99.9% SLA, as well as single instance configuration.

Latest version support

Support for latest versions from PostgreSQL 11 up to 15 with option to upgrade existing database clusters.

Effortless management

Manage your database applications with ease, without worrying about the management of infrastructure, operating systems, VMs, or hypervisors.

Focus on your core business while we manage your database

Gcore Managed Database for PostgreSQL is a database service which allows you to provision fully managed PostgreSQL databases effortlessly.

    Uninterrupted service with high-availability architecture
    Adjustable database resources for changing demands
    Secure connection and authentication
    24/7 technical support
    Great value, exceptional performance
Focus on your core business while we manage your database


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Key features of Gcore Managed Database for PostgreSQL

Wide geography

A wide range of data center locations, ensuring low-latency access for users across the globe.

Compute flavors

Configurable compute flavors for running your database.

User settings

User-configurable settings via postgresql.conf.

Connection pooling

Connection pooling (sessions and transactional.)

Replication options

Synchronous or asynchronous replication.

Encrypted connections

Encrypted connections via TLS/SSL.

How it works

Gcore Managed Database for PostgreSQL in high availability mode

How it worksHow it works

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asked questions

A managed PostgreSQL database service is a fully managed database service that provides you with access to a PostgreSQL database. You don't need to handle the administrative tasks associated with database management, such as installation, configuration, maintenance, and scaling. Your provider does that for you, so you're more able to focus on your core business.

Gcore offers various compute and storage options, allowing you to adjust your database resources up or down easily to match your application's changing requirements. This keeps your performance optimized and costs minimized.

Yes. Gcore ensures encryption in transit, access controls, authentication mechanisms, regular security updates, and compliance with industry standards to ensure the security and integrity of data stored in the database. We take security seriously.