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Why Gcore


Data Migration

Move to our cloud quickly and without any loss of data.

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Data Migration

3 key migration risk factors

We will evaluate the extent of your infrastructure and propose the best way to move under custom conditions, and without stopping business processes.

  • Crashes and data loss

  • Financial expenses

  • Time costs

Migrate from any cloud platform


Google Cloud

IBM Cloud

Oracle Cloud




Alibaba Cloud

Migrate any business application

Microsoft Active Directory
Oracle. Web logic server
Microsoft IIS
IBM WebSphere
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Office
Apache Spark
Apache Tomcat

and much more...

6 stages of migration

  • 1


    Scanning of incoming traffic in real-time

  • 2

    Start copying

    Start copying business applications, meta data, and server settings without losing performance.

  • 3

    Data allocation

    All the data in the original formats are placed in volumes and snapshots of a new cloud.

  • 4


    With the help of orchestration, business applications are launched in the new cloud.

  • 5

    Test migrations

    Run an unlimited number of performance tests and features in a virtual cloud that we will allocate specifically for you.

  • 6

    Final relocation

    Migrate in a short predictable time frame and with a ready-made plan for further maintenance.

Advantages of our solution

Advantages of our solution

    Migration from any clouds and physical machines
    Migration of meta data and network settings
    Unlimited test migrations
    Flexible individual conditions
    Secure isolated cloud environment
    Complete process automation with RESTful API

Satisfied customers

  • The Gcore solution allows us to quickly launch our services. Tests have shown that any of the customers can receive the necessary information instantly, and the infrastructure itself is available in all geographical jurisdictions where we operate. Each country has restrictions on the work with personal data, and, as a rule, we must store it within a specific country. Gcore makes it easy for us to solve this problem. That’s why we chose this company as our cloud partner.

    Nukri Basharuli

  • Gcore provided us with not only quality infrastructure, but also excellent technical support when connecting the service.

    Nathan Ihlenfeldt

  • With Gcore, we have managed to standardise our global expansion and cover regions where it would have been very difficult to gain a foothold on our own. The cloud provider has the expertise we need in low latency and high server performance. In addition, it knows the needs of a game hoster in expanding our online business worldwide and has the necessary structures for on-site implementation.

    Marcel Bößendörfer

Customers that trust Gcore to power their business and infrastructure

  • Banai Namco
  • Redfox Games
  • Warpcache
  • Momento Solutions
  • orange
  • JSDelivr
  • Avast
  • Nanobit
  • Graphcore
  • Sanbox Interactive
  • StageAudioWorks
  • eSante
  • Group Wagner
  • Saber
  • Shopcada
  • Zumidian

Other solutions that pair with cloud migration

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