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Reseller Support/Service statuses

Service statuses

You can configure the service statuses on the "Service" page in the settings of the desired client.

Service statuses

Activate Service

If the "Activate Service" checkbox is enabled, a client can use the service. You can deactivate the service by unchecking the checkbox.

Note: Keep in mind that deactivating the "Activate service" checkbox may suspend the work of active resources.

Service status


The status is applied to clients who sign up via our website before they confirm the registration via email. You register your clients yourself, so they won't have this status.


When a client is created from the admin panel, the Trial status is applied. The client receives an email about the trial start. The trial settings can be changed in the admin panel.


When the trial ends, the service is switched to the TrialEnd status automatically. All the service resources get suspended. The client will receive an email about the end of the trial period.


If the client signs a contract with you, change the service status to Active manually before the trial ends and the client's services get suspended.


If you want to temporarily suspend the client, use the Paused status. All of the service resources will be paused.


This status is connected to the Transition to Deleted status setting. The Deleted status is set automatically once the specified number of days is over. When the Status is switched the product resources get deleted. You cannot change the number of days yourself. To change the number of days for a specific client, email us at support@gcore.com.

Transition to Deleted status setting

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