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Storage management

The product management page contains settings for its activation, trial period, and status.

To open the product management page:

1. Open the list of customers, in the "Accounts" section.

2. Click on the Account ID of the desired customer, or click on the "Edit" button in the "Actions" сolumn.

Storage product management

3. Click on the "Products" tab.

Activate product

If the "Activate product" checkbox is enabled, a customer can use the product. You can deactivate the product by unchecking the checkbox.

Note: Keep in mind that deactivating the "Activate product" checkbox may suspend the work of active resources.

Activate product

When the product is disabled, the customer sees the request form.


Trial settings

Use this tab to change trial period settings.

You can change the trial period setting:

  • The Trial end date field sets the end date of the trial period.
  • Change the value of the Trial storage volume field to increase the trial period traffic limit.
Trial settings

On the Dashboard page, customers see how many Storage trial days are left.

how many Storage trial days are left

Transition to Deleted status

After the specified number of days, the Storage product status switches from "TrialEnd"/"Paused" to "Deleted".

All the customer's resources and files in Storage will be deleted. To change the number of days for a specific customer, email us to support@gcore.com.

Transition to Deleted status

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