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Why Gcore



Low-latency edge computing for serverless app deployment. Run code close to your users on Gcore's global network.

  • Low latency everywhere

    FastEdge runs over a robust global network, with more than 180 data centers and outstanding connectivity. Gcore’s average global latency is just 30 ms.

  • Fast performance

    FastEdge employs WebAssembly runtime, making it a great choice for performance-critical tasks and applications.

  • Cloud ecosystem

    Your FastEdge application works seamlessly with Gcore’s cloud and network products including CDN, Virtual Machines, and S3 Storage.

at the edge

We’ve deployed WebAssembly (Wasm) runtime on every edge server of our network. This keeps code execution close to your users for exceptional app responsiveness.

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WebAssembly<br>at the edgeWebAssembly<br>at the edge


Write in your language

Code in JavaScript and Rust. We’re adding Go and other languages soon.

Cold start in

Enjoy super-fast Wasm runtime, around 100 times faster than Linux container solutions.

Secure environment

Run your app within the isolated sandbox, protected from malicious software.

Quick deployment

Propagate your code to the edges in just a couple of minutes.

Zero server provisioning

Develop, test, and run your apps—we’ve got the operations covered.

Event-driven pricing

Pay only for the resources you use, not for idle capacity.

How FastEdge works

How FastEdge works

Use cases

With FastEdge, you can easily build highly responsive and personalized apps that rely heavily on dynamically generated content. Let FastEdge take over the operations so you can focus on coding and creativity. Here’s a taste of what FastEdge offers.

AI inference

Run lightweight AI-models on edge servers from more than 180 locations worldwide. Build fast and responsive generative AI apps.

Advanced image editing

Create your custom image editing logic to convert original images into the format your web design requires. Your image will be processed on the fly and served from the closest edge server.


Deliver customized page content or notifications based on user preferences like location, device type, or sign-in status. Content will be served from the closest location without querying the origin server.

A/B testing

Design and launch page tests by orchestrating your traffic at the edge. You can change the experiment settings quickly while maintaining a seamless experience for your end users.

Quick authentication

Manage access to app content by validating secure tokens from the closest edge. This reduces the time taken for the end user to access the content, especially if you serve it from the CDN cache.

…and much more

Design and implement your custom logic at the edge by using header manipulation, rewrite, redirect, and orchestration of requests to backend endpoints.

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