Introducing AI Image Generator: A Free Tool for Creating Images Using Text Prompts

Introducing AI Image Generator: A Free Tool for Creating Images Using Text Prompts

We’re excited to announce the launch of our generative AI tool, AI Image Generator, which allows you to create images using text prompts. It’s free and unlimited for users registered to the Gcore Platform. AI Image Generator is powered by our AI IPU infrastructure.

How to Use AI Image Generator

Gcore’s AI Image Generator takes your text prompts and creates stunning, realistic AI images according to your prompt. You can then use these images wherever you want for business and personal needs.

The tool is built into the Gcore Cloud platform. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Log in to the Gcore Cloud platform. If you are not registered, sign up using your email, Google, or GitHub account. Billing information is not required.
  2. From the vertical menu on the left, select Image generator. You will see this window:
The interface of Gcore’s AI Image Generator with a field for entering text prompts
Figure 1: The AI Image Generator interface
  1. Enter your prompt in the grey Prompt field at the bottom and hit return. AI Image Generator will create the image according to the prompt.
  2. To save the image, right-click on it and select the Save image as… option.

Here are some of the examples created by AI Image Generator:

A castle, cake, and library generated by Gcore’s AI Image Generator
Figure 2: Images generated by AI Image Generator

To get more relevant results, use specific and detailed prompts. For example, use not just “A futuristic city” prompt, but something like “A pink futuristic and whimsical floating city, sitting atop the clouds, where airships dock at sky-high platforms and clouds serve as streets, all in intricate detail.”

The Technologies Under the Hood

AI Image Generator is powered by Gcore’s AI IPU infrastructure, designed specifically for AI and ML tasks. Based on the Graphcore Bow IPU-POD scale-out cluster, this AI cloud infrastructure provides an effortless way to add cutting-edge AI/ML computing on demand, without having to deploy on-premises hardware or build an AI infrastructure from scratch.

To develop the Image Generator, we used the prebuilt Openjourney GenAI model and fine tuned it to produce more accurate results.


We are actively improving our AI Image Generator. The following features will be added soon:

  • Advanced image editing
  • Image generation based on a user image
  • Extended control functionality
  • Integration with external services through API

Get Started Now!

To use the tool, log in to the Gcore Cloud platform or sign up if you are not registered. Then go to the Image generator section in the vertical menu on the left—and have fun!

To learn more about generative AI and how the AI IPU Infrastructure supports it, read the article on our blog.

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