Gcore Basic: Virtual machines from €5 per month

Gcore Basic: Virtual machines from €5 per month

For years, we have provided affordable and reliable services. This trend continues with a new type of low-cost virtual machines. Now you can get a performant instance with shared resources for only €5 per month!

Gcore Basic is a compute instance with partial core usage for simple tasks such as hosting a small website or deploying a private VPN. It is an affordable solution for regular users, developers, and small business owners. You get a ready virtual machine deployed in a couple of minutes and can integrate it with any of Gcore Cloud services: Load Balancers, applications from Marketplace, Functions, and others.

Available configurations

Configuration vCPUs RAM Storage Egress Mbps Price
g2s-shared-1-2-25 1 2 25 GB Free 200 €5
g2s-shared-1-2-50 1 2 50 GB Free 200 €10
g2s-shared-2-4-50 2 4 50 GB Free 200 €18
g2s-shared-2-4-80 2 4 80 GB Free 200 €20
g2s-shared-4-8-80 4 8 80 GB Free 200 €37
g2s-shared-4-8-160 4 8 160 GB Free 200 €40
g2s-shared-8-16-160 8 16 160 GB Free 200 €76
g2s-shared-8-16-320 8 16 320 GB Free 200 €80

Gcore Basic is a ready-made solution with no hidden fees. The price includes storage and public IP address.

Areas of application

Create backups
Host your website or blog
Try out new software
Create your VPN server
Launch test and dev environments
Develop software for other platforms
Run your pet projects
Safely deal with potential malware
Test software, upgrades, or new configurations
Make your game server


  • Free built-in DDoS protection
  • Latest CPU: Intel® Xeon® 4314
  • Local SSD for storage (up to 300 Mbps)
  • Free egress traffic
  • Ability to utilize user data
  • Deployment in two minutes
  • Enhanced security: our infrastructure is located in Tier III and Tier IV data centers and is compliant with PCI DSS, ISO 27001, and GDPR.


  • No SLA
  • No snapshots/backups
  • No resize option
  • No additional data disks
  • Predefined storage
  • No Windows flavors


Gcore Basic VMs are available in Amsterdam and coming soon in the following locations: Frankfurt, Manassas, Santa Clara, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Select the location and deploy an affordable instance in just a few clicks!

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