Gcore Wins the Equinix 2022 EMEA Mid-Market Commitment Award

Gcore Wins the Equinix 2022 EMEA Mid-Market Commitment Award

Gcore is excited to share that it has been honored with the prestigious 2022 Equinix EMEA Mid-Market Commitment Award. This accolade highlights the company’s dedication to fostering and expanding the Equinix mid-market business segment.

As a European provider of high-performance, low-latency, international cloud and edge solutions, Gcore has been a pioneer in the EMEA mid-market segment. By winning this award, the company is acknowledged for its ability to deliver exceptional value to clients through strategic partnerships, innovative edge computing, and cloud solutions.

Gcore’s CEO, Andre Reitenbach, expressed Gcore’s gratitude for this accolade: “We are pleased and grateful to have been bestowed with the Equinix EMEA Mid-Market Commitment Award for 2022. Gcore firmly believes in the advantages of collaborating with our partners to provide exceptional value to our clients. This award acknowledges our dedication to this approach, and we are truly honored by this recognition. Our resolve to work alongside Equinix and facilitate businesses of various scales to utilize Gcore’s innovative edge computing and cloud solutions remains steadfast.”

Gcore’s collaboration with Equinix, the world’s digital infrastructure company, has since 2019 been a significant factor in Gcore’s success. Gcore manages its global IT infrastructure across six continents and services businesses of various scales and from multiple industries, including AI, fintech, healthcare, gaming, and e-commerce, with top-notch edge and cloud-based services.

As Gcore celebrates this milestone, the company remains committed to its partnership with Equinix and to delivering innovative solutions to its clients. Gcore is grateful for this recognition and looks forward to continuing its work in the EMEA mid-market segment and beyond.

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