New Bot protection configuration: Select the high or low intensity

New Bot protection configuration: Select the high or low intensity

We are very happy to announce a new feature of our Bot Protection service. Now you have an opportunity to choose the intensity of the Basic Bot protection: high or low.

What are low and high levels of bot protection?

Basic Bot Protection is available to clients on all tariffs.

At the Low level, we use quantitative analysis to detect spikes in the level of requests within a resource’s traffic patterns. If the number of requests deviates from the protected resource’s average, such sessions are blocked. The Low level minimizes the possibility of false positives.

The High level of Bot protection includes not only a rate limiter but also additional checks. We use special cookies to determine if a request is from a bot or not. Such a protection level guarantees protection from bots but there is a higher chance of false positives.

We recommend that our customers always start with the Low bot protection level. If it is insufficient, you can increase the level of protection to High or use Advanced bot protection.

How to change the intensity

Open the Resources tab. Go to SettingsBot and switch the intensity level.

Configuring Gcore Bot protection

Why it is important to have protection against bots

Nowadays, all online businesses are threatened by bots: API, websites, mobile applications, and payment systems. Bots can be programmed not only to overload the resource, but also for website parsing, hacking user profiles, sending spam, and other actions that may lead to financial and reputational losses for the company.

In 2023, there will be more and more smart devices around the world. Every device connected to the internet has the potential to be hacked and used by attackers for their own purposes. These devices could be combined into a botnet. The sophistication of attacks grows every year, so in 2023, every business needs bot protection to save their clients’ data and the reputation of the company.

How malicious bots can harm your business

  • Account hacking and bank card fraud. Bots might gain unauthorized access to user accounts using stolen login and password databases. It can lead to leaks of not only your customers’ personal data, but also their payment information.
  • Advertising fraud. When you launch an advertising campaign, you want to get leads, not bot traffic. Protect your resource against useless expenses and advertising fraud.
  • Content theft. Your content in the digital world is your expertise and the face of your company. Content, product and service descriptions, and infographics are valuable resources. Bots can copy it for competitive intelligence, resale, or fraudulent resource aggregation.
  • Parsing for the competition. Bots can collect price quotes from your website for competitive intelligence.
  • Scalping. Bots are active in various markets, be it the financial market or the sale of concert tickets. They engage in scalping—buying and then reselling at a higher price. This can reflect badly on your company’s reputation.
  • Corrupted analytics. Your metrics are crucial in optimizing your conversion rates and increasing UI efficiency. Don’t be misled by data corrupted by bots.

For new clients: Try Gcore Bot protection

There is an impressive list of troubles that can easily harm your business in both the short and long term. To protect from them, try our Bot protection—it stops bots and allows legitimate user traffic only.

Log in to your account and enable basic protection against bots for free.

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