How to buy a server using Alipay

How to buy a server using Alipay

Upon the request from our China customers, we added a new method to pay for hosting services—Alipay. The method is supported only when you purchase a dedicated or virtual server for euros or US dollars.

How to pay for hosting services via Alipay

When you add money to your balance please choose Bank Cards and Alipay and click Pay.

How to buy a server using Alipay

After that a personal QR code for paying via Alipay will be displayed on the webpage.

How to buy a server using Alipay

Open Alipay app on your phone and click Scan to finish the payment.

What the explanations in Chinese mean

  1. Scan to pay (in RMB).
  2. Open Alipay mobile app and scan to pay.
  3. If paying for the first time, install Alipay app.
  4. Scan.
  5. Login to Alipay account to pay.

Other payment methods

You can pay for any server via PayPal, bank transfer or bank card.

You can find details in our Knowledge Base

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