How to protect your Minecraft servers against UDP and TCP floods

Multi-terabit massive DDoS attacks have become increasingly frequent. The largest attack to happen lately occurred in October. It was a 2.5 Tbps DDoS attack against the Minecraft server, Wynncraft. Once again, it was launched by a Mirai botnet. The multi-vector attack’s malicious traffic was composed of UDP and TCP packets. The attack lasted for about two minutes.

Such attacks ruin the gaming experience: users get disconnected while playing or can’t open their favorite game. To cover the community from this threat, we created a specialized solution to protect Minecraft gaming servers.

What we offer to protect your Minecraft server

We have a countermeasure to protect Minecraft servers. Essentially, our DDoS Protection has a special configuration set that takes into account the features of Minecraft servers and covers their vulnerabilities.

To protect your server, we configure a GRE tunnel to our scrubbing centers’ worldwide anycast IP addresses. The server stays in your data center but gets secured by our protection system. We guarantee protection from L3-L7 attacks.

Request protection

If you have any questions about our Minecraft protection solution, please contact our security experts. We’ll walk you through all the details.

Protect your Minecraft server with our global gaming community-approved advanced DDoS protection.

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