—a new Gcore tool that makes a text summary of a video

As video content continues to dominate the digital landscape, it’s more important than ever to have tools that help us process and digest all that content, and do so without sacrificing our valuable time. Addressing that need, Gcore has developed a revolutionary video summarizer tool, one that is a game-changer in condensing even the longest videos into easily digestible video summaries.

Keep reading to learn how this breakthrough video AI can save you time and increase the amount of processed content.

The issue solves

We’re all used to processing text; many of us can read quickly and highlight the most important key points. But you can’t do that with video content. You can increase the viewing speed and you can skip some fragments, but neither is quite the same as summarizing through fast reading. fills this gap—it gives you a summary of video content that you can quickly review.

What is is a video summary generator tool which helps summarize a video clip. Here is how it works:

  • Step 1: It automatically transcribes a video into text.
  • Step 2: The tool then summarizes the text with ChatGPT.
  • Step 3: It then continues to summarize the resulting text again and again, shortening it so key points are brought into focus.

You get access to both the full transcript of the video and its shortened versions. The versions are divided into several levels—the higher the level, the more abbreviated the text.

An example of a video:

And here are its summaries:

Use cases

Our video summarization tool has a wide range of applications that cater to various industries and content types. Let’s explore four key use cases that can greatly benefit from our new AI-driven tool,

  • Webinar videos. Busy professionals often struggle to find the time to attend or watch entire webinar recordings. Our video summarization service extracts the most important points from these, getting straight to key takeaways—ensuring that users stay informed and updated without spending hours of watching presentations in their entirety.
  • Demo videos. Product demonstrations and software tutorials are often lengthy and time-consuming. By using our video summary generator, potential customers and users can quickly grasp the significance of main features and subsequent benefits, enabling them to make informed decisions and learn the essentials with ease.
  • E-learning and online education. Students and educators can utilize our video summarization service to speed up and enhance the learning experience. Our technology condenses lengthy lectures and courses into concise summaries—students stay focused, retaining key information while reducing the time spent on studying.
  • Video podcasts. Podcasts have become an increasingly popular medium for sharing ideas and opinions. With our video summarization service, listeners can easily access the most important takeaways and insights from their favorite podcasts, allowing them to stay in the loop and participate in meaningful conversations without having to watch the entire video.

Try for Free

Currently, the tool is free to use. To test it out, just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Sign up with your email.
  2. Upload a video.
  3. Wait for the status to change to “ready” and click View.

Latest Update: Upload a video by simply pasting a YouTube link! now works just with a YouTube URL. Sign up with your email, paste the URL of a YouTube video, wait for the status to turn “ready”, and voila! Your video summary is available for viewing.

Try it now and get a short summary of any video you want.

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