Gcore Is Now a Certified Kubernetes Provider

Gcore Is Now a Certified Kubernetes Provider

We’re excited to announce that Gcore has earned Certified Kubernetes status granted by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Gcore is now on the list of Certified Kubernetes Providers that offer hosted Kubernetes. This significant accomplishment reinforces our commitment to delivering top-quality products and services, including Gcore Managed Kubernetes.

What This Certification Means for Our Customers

The certification assures our customers that they can rely on our Managed Kubernetes. It means Gcore’s Kubernetes versions meet an independent evaluation, supporting the required APIs just like the open-source community versions. This ensures our users enjoy interoperability across different Kubernetes setups, benefiting from a consistent experience and timely updates.

What Is Hosted Kubernetes?

Gcore has been recognized with the Certified Kubernetes Software Conformance (CKSC) as a “hosted Kubernetes provider.” Hosted Kubernetes is a cloud-based service that provides a fully managed Kubernetes environment for deploying, scaling, and managing containerized applications. It simplifies the process of getting started with Kubernetes by handling all the management tasks, freeing users to focus on application development. It’s an efficient way for organizations to provision new clusters and delegate infrastructure management to a provider, while still offering flexibility for developers and DevOps engineers who want to use Kubernetes-related tools of their choice.

There are two main alternatives to hosted Kubernetes:

  • DIY Kubernetes, where users manage Kubernetes components themselves, whether in the cloud or on-premises, offers more flexibility than hosted Kubernetes. However, it increases the workload because users must build and maintain the infrastructure and Kubernetes components from scratch.
  • A Kubernetes platform, a software that allows users to deploy out-of-the-box clusters in any environment. However, like DIY Kubernetes, users must maintain the underlying infrastructure. It’s the least flexible and customizable of the three because it limits you to tools and workflows supported by the platform.

Hosted Kubernetes strikes a balance between ease of use and flexibility.

What Is a Hosted Kubernetes Provider?

A hosted Kubernetes provider is a cloud provider that hosts Kubernetes clusters, offering them as a managed service. The provider manages the infrastructure, including physical servers and virtual machines, and part of the Kubernetes cluster called the master node (or the control plane).

A hosted Kubernetes provider also updates Kubernetes versions and manages networks. This allows organizations to use Kubernetes without the need for in-house expertise or resources for cluster management.

Try Gcore Managed Kubernetes

Gcore Managed Kubernetes allows you to deployment Kubernetes clusters quickly without the need to manage the underlying infrastructure and Kubernetes backend. We support at least the most recent Kubernetes versions and provide DDoS protection and cluster autoscaling.

Key benefits of Gcore Managed Kubernetes include:

  • Free control plane management. While many managed Kubernetes providers charge for managing the control plane, we offer this service at no cost.
  • Bare metal support. Besides Virtual Instances, you can use Bare Metal Servers as worker nodes. This makes it an excellent choice for compute-intensive web applications that require high performance and lower latency.
  • GPU worker node support. For AI/ML workloads, our worker nodes support NVIDIA GPUs, including H100 and A100 models.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Pricing for worker nodes matches that of our Virtual Instances and Bare Metal Servers.

Get started with Gcore Managed Kubernetes with just a few clicks, or talk to our experts if you’d like to discuss your project first.

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