Gcore Launches New DDoS Protection PoP in Dubai

Gcore Launches New DDoS Protection PoP in Dubai

We’re very happy to announce that Gcore has opened a new protection PoP in Dubai—a global hub of commerce and technology. Thanks to this new filtering point, our customers will be able to enjoy advanced DDoS Protection services with no delay.

The proliferation of DDoS attacks poses significant challenges to all business areas, governments, and critical infrastructure worldwide. These attacks, which overwhelm networks and servers with a flood of malicious traffic, can disrupt online services, compromise data integrity, and inflict financial and reputational losses.

By ensuring business continuity and minimizing downtime, organizations can safeguard their reputation, preserve revenue streams, and uphold service level agreements (SLAs), thereby fostering a conducive environment for sustainable growth and innovation.

From now on, traffic from the UAE and surrounding regions will go through the new PoP, which provides a high level of performance:

  • Less than 1 ms latency in Dubai
  • 5-10 ms latency in other regions of the UAE
  • 1+ Tbps total filtering capacity
  • SLA 99.99%

The new filtering center has become a reliable part of Gcore DDoS protection infrastructure that covers against L3, L4, and L7 attack layers. Stay protected with Gcore.

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