Platinum level in the Dell Technologies Partner Program

Platinum level in the Dell Technologies Partner Program

We’ve achieved the Platinum level in the Dell Technologies Partner Program. This confirms our deep expertise in Dell cloud solutions and technologies, and it helps us make cloud services even better for our customers.

What is the Dell Technologies Partner Program?

Dell Technologies was formed through the merger of the Dell and EMC corporations. It’s now one of the world’s largest suppliers of IT solutions.

The Dell Technologies Partner Program was officially announced in February 2017. The corporation provides its partners with products and services that help them develop their own services. The main goal of the program is to strengthen cooperation and help partners expand their businesses.

The program has three levels:

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Titanium

To reach each level, a company must meet specific requirements and demonstrate a certain level of competence. Gold is the lowest level in the program, and Titanium is the highest.

What does partnering with Dell give us?

Cooperating with Dell Technologies helps us develop cloud services faster and make them better, more reliable, and more convenient for our customers.

What does it mean to get Platinum?

Moving to the next partnership level is proof of our effective partnership with Dell Technologies and our growing expertise in cloud solutions.

The Platinum status confirms the competence of our specialists in the fields of data storage and protection, converged infrastructure, cloud computing, and digital and IT transformation.

We can offer our services and expertise to implement projects of any scale.

We plan to further develop our products and strengthen our partnership with Dell Technologies to provide our customers with the best IT solutions to help them grow faster and cheaper.

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