Gcore Introduces AI-powered Speech-to-Text Translation Service from English to Luxembourgish

Gcore Introduces AI-powered Speech-to-Text Translation Service from English to Luxembourgish

We’re excited to announce the launch of our AI-powered Speech-to-Text Translation service from English to Luxembourgish, powered by state-of-the-art Gcore Edge AI technologies. Our new tool makes it easy for English speakers to use the national language of Luxembourg in everyday situations. Its use is free and unlimited via the Gcore Customer Portal—simply sign up free and try it today!

What Is Gcore Speech-to-Text Translation?

Gcore Speech-to-Text translation is an easy-to-use speech recognition application powered by an advanced ML model. To train it, Gcore used 16,000 hours of Luxembourgish recordings, leveraging AI accelerators to handle the heavy computational workload. The training process was based on data provided by SNT (the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust at the University of Luxembourg) and Luxembourg’s online dictionary. Gcore used powerful GPUs to speed up both training and inference, reducing latency for users and thus enhancing their experience of the tool.

Use Cases for Gcore Speech-to-Text Translation

The speech recognition tool has broad use potential for anyone requiring fast and reliable translations from English speech to Luxembourgish text. For example:

  • It can facilitate the use of Luxembourgish on popular messaging applications and government chat services.
  • Companies and institutions can easily integrate the service into communications tools via their own IT support.
  • Entire recordings for theatre, film, or music can be translated from English into Luxembourgish text.
  • Luxembourgish film subtitles can be created in real time.

How It Works

Using the app is simple. Upload an audio file with a speech in English or record a voice. The tool translates it into Luxembourgish in seconds. Here is a short video that shows how it works:

How to Get Started

Follow four simple steps and you’ll be using Gcore Speech-to-Text Translation in just a couple of minutes.

  1. Log into the Gcore Customer Portal using your email, Google, or GitHub account. If you’re not yet registered, create an account. Use of the Gcore Customer Portal is completely free; billing information is not required.
  2. From the vertical menu on the left, select ML Model Hub. You will see this window:
Gcore ML Model Hub window with the speech recognition tool
Figure 1: Gcore ML Model Hub
  1. Click Open Speech Recognition and upload your English speech using one of the two options for converting audio to text: uploading a file or recording audio.
  2. The tool will translate the audio into Luxembourgish text. You can copy it and use it wherever you want.

Near-Future Plans

We’re constantly improving Speech-to-Text Translation to ensure high-quality translations into Luxembourgish. Currently, we’re working on enabling real-time translations for use during conferences and events. The company’s near-future plans also include adding other widely used languages in Luxembourg to the translation tool, such as French and German, making speech-to-text translations a key mode of cross-language communication.


Gcore Speech-to-Text Translation is a simple yet powerful AI tool for fast and reliable translations from English speech to Luxembourgish text. We hope it will benefit individuals and organizations across wide use cases, including in government, social messaging, IT, and culture.

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