SSD low-latency storage: the next-generation distributed block storage architecture

SSD low-latency storage: the next-generation distributed block storage architecture

We are excited to announce that SSD Low-Latency Storage is now available in Luxembourg-2 and Manassas-1. This new volume type provides the next-generation distributed block storage architecture.

Features and benefits

Each SSD Low-Latency Storage volume boasts low latency and the capability to deliver up to 5000 IOPS for random read/write operations, with an average latency of just 300 µs.

The architecture of SSD Low-Latency Storage is designed to ensure reliability and data availability. Distributed storage technology ensures that data is always accessible, even in the event of failure. Additionally, SSD Low-Latency Storage’s cutting-edge hardware and software technologies are optimized for high performance and low latency.


The cost of SSD Low-Latency Storage is competitive, with pricing starting at 0.15 EUR per 1 GB per month. This makes it an affordable option for businesses of all sizes, enabling them to benefit from high-performance storage without breaking the bank.

Use cases

We highly recommend using SSD Low-Latency Storage for scenarios that require low-latency storage solutions and real-time data processing, including OLTP databases, NoSQL databases, Kubernetes etcd, and ELK distributed logs. It’s an excellent option for businesses looking to improve their response times and reliability while optimizing costs.

We encourage you to consider SSD Low-Latency Storage for your next storage solution. Simply select SSD Low-Latency in the Volume section while creating an instance.

Screenshot of the Gcore control panel showing how to create an instance with the SSD Low-Latency volume

Create an instance

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